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Space Ranger 421 is an audio drama podcast created by Jonathan James and is produced by Chad Ellis (Station Blue).

Space Ranger 421 is a tale of survival. Responding to a distress signal on Mars colony MR-54821, a group of space explorers uncovers a deadly government secret that could change the face of humanity, but will they be able to escape the red planet to tell the tale? 

Believe it or not, Space Ranger 421 is based on a T-shirt! 












Using this t-shirt as the basis for the show's main character, Devlyn Drax, combined with Jonathan James' love for Pulp Sci-fi and Noire storytelling led to the creation of Space Ranger 421. 

As an LGBTQ writer and creator, Jonathan James created Space Ranger 421 with the intention of creating a blockbuster type show involving LGBTQ characters and cast members. The diverse cast reflects this, as the show features some prominent members of the LGBTQ community from both the world of audio-drama and beyond not unlike the universe itself

Jonathan James - Creator 

Jonathan is the writer/director/sound designer of Space Ranger 421. He is a graduate of the American Film Institute's (AFI) screenwriting program. This is his first foray into the world of audio drama podcasts. For more information and news on upcoming projects, you can check out his twitter @JJWriteStuff or visit the website of his production company Black Castle Productions. (@BlackCastleProd on Twitter)


Black Castle Productions is an independent production company run by Sabrina Cooper and SR-421 Creator Jonathan James.  

Black Castle Productions is focused on telling diverse genre storytelling through multiple forms of media. 


You can find more information on BLACK CASTLE PRODUCTION'S current and future projects at



SPACE RANGER 421 is available to stream or download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and any other major podcast providers. 

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