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RAVEN:  Are you sure this meeting is the real deal Captain?


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: Had an associate of mine run a background check on these two. Both renowned scientists for the colony which could mean a major payday for us.


RAVEN: The money seems too good to be true.


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: In my experience it usually is.


RAVEN: The why take it?


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: Everyone else passed them up. So, I figured we should at least hear them out.


[A HISS as a door opens.]


THEO: Captain Richards. A pleasure to finally meet you. I’m Doctor Theo Jones. This is my husband Aaron.


AARON: Pleased to meet you both.


THEO: We are so thankful to have you.


AARON: You’re doing us a huge favor.


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: We haven’t agreed to anything yet.


THEO: Of course. Take your time.


AARON: We are grateful that you would at least consider our offer.


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: Well, let’s just say knowing you’ve been through every raider and merc this side of the moon tickled my curiosity.


RAVEN: What’s the mission?


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: I apologize for my first mate. It’s her job to be a pain in my ass. Keeps me sharp.


RAVEN: And alive.


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: And I guess that too.


THEO: Mars Colony MR-54821


RAVEN: That colony has been dark for almost a year. What happened down there is still a mystery.


AARON: Our scanners show the base is devoid of life forms. The job is strictly R&D to see if we can determine what caused the incident on the base.


THEO: I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.


RAVEN: You want us to head down to this base blind? Captain this is a suicide mission. You can’t seriously be considering it.


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: Lieutenant. A word, please.


RAVEN: Excuse us. Captain, you can’t seriously be considering this?


CAPTAIN RICHARDS: What choice do we have, Lieutenant? The price they are offering will set us for life. No more shoddy jobs for scraps, and no more hiding from government bounty hunters. This is it. The job to end all jobs. Think about it. You and Sarah can finally go off, get a little place of your own.


RAVEN: I’ll assemble the team.


[Eerie music plays]


DEVLYN: Space, man’s final frontier or final resting place. Or, like Moses and the Israelites, god’s punishment for destroying our home. Endlessly wandering till we once again find our next earth.


[Eerie music fades out]


[The sound of metal debris being shifted around]


DEVLYN: Is everyone all right?


RAVEN: Sarah? Sarah?


SARAH: Here. I’m all right.


THEO: Where’s Aaron?  Has anyone seen Aaron?


KIT: He’s over here.


THEO: What’s the matter with him?


AARON: My leg. I can’t move my leg.


KIT: He’s pinned. Sarah. Devlyn. Help me lift this beam.


[Metal creaks as the crew move the large beam]


RAVEN: He’s clear.


[a bang as they drop the beam to the ground]


RAVEN: How are we supposed to get out of here?


DEVLYN: Thanks to your friend, the way back is blocked. We’re going to have to go outside.


KIT: Our friend just lost his life to those…Things.


SARAH: But at least now we know what they are.


RAVEN: Are you crazy? We wouldn’t survive.


DEVLYN: There’s no other way. We wither go out there or stay in here and wait to die. Look, on the wall over there. Enough suits for all of us.


RAVEN: And once we’re out there? Then what?


DEVLYN: We walk. Everyone, suit up.


[The airlock door hisses as it opens]


RAVEN: What’s that over there?


DEVLYN: Our ticket out.


RAVEN: You ever driven a rover before?


DEVLYN: Not really my style.


RAVEN: Good thing I’m here then.  Visibility’s getting a bit dense don’t you think? Maybe we should wait.


DEVLYN:  There’s no time. It’s a dust storm. If we don’t get in that rover fast, it could blow away by storms end.


RAVEN: Never a dull moment out here.


DEVLYN: You’re the expert. Start the Rover and I’ll get the others.



KIT: All right, you’re almost there. I need to set the leg. Theo, I need you to hold him.


THEO: Here, bit down on my belt.


KIT: On the count of three. One…two…


[The sickening crack of bone as Kit sets Aaron’s leg]


[There’s a metal knocking on the airlock]


KIT: There’s someone at the door.


SARAH: It’s Devlyn. Put your helmets back on.


[A hiss as the airlock opens]


DEVLYN: Can he walk?


KIT: Not well.


DEVLYN: Well, he’s going to have to. We have to go now.


AARON: I think I’ve come as far as I can go. Leave me here. I can wait.


SARAH: Wait. Where’s…


DEVLYN: There’s a rover outside. We have to get to it before the dust storm hits.


THEO: Dust storm? You want us to go out there with a storm coming on?


DEVLYN: If we don’t, we’ll lose our only way out of this cave.


THEO: There’s another way.


DEVLYN: Your scanner shows the signal coming from the other side of the colony, am I right?


THEO: Yes, but—


DEVLYN: Right now, this is our only option to get there quickly. If he waits here. I doubt he’ll survive the coming storm.


[The HISS as a door opens we can hear the HOWLING WIND just outside the rover]


RAVEN: What do we got here? Airlock…


[A Click as she presses a button followed by the HISS of the Rover depreassurizing]


RAVEN: Activate grav-tires.


[Another CLICK of a button followed by the RINGING of an ALARM]


RAVEN: Well, that’s not good.


[FOOTSTEPS as the dust storm HOWLS]


DEVLYN: Where are the others?


SARAH: They’re not behind us.


DEVLYN: I don’t see them.


SARAH: They’re falling behind.


DEVLYN: See that they don’t. Keep on the path.


SARAH: Where are you going?


DEVLYN: To see if I can bring the rover to them.



RAVEN: C’mon, girl. Give mama a purr.


[She CLICKS one last button and the rover POWERS UP]


RAVEN: Now we’re getting somewhere.


[There’s a KNOCK on the rover]


[The door to the rover HISSES as it opens up, allowing Devlyn inside]


RAVEN: Any luck?


DEVLYN: They’re traveling behind. How long till you can get her moving?


RAVEN: She’s good to go, but the grav-tires aren’t functioning.


DEVLYN: Do we need them?


RAVEN: If that storm is as powerful as you say, there’s a good chance it’ll blow us all away if we have nothing to keep us grounded.


[A HISS as the Rover door closes]


DEVLYN: Then we’ll just have to drive fast and carefully.  Now, let’s grab the others.  There. That way.


[The Rover HUMS methodically as Raven accelerated]


DEVLYN: Careful. Just a little further. There they are.


[The HUMMING stops]


[With another CLICK the rover door opens]


THEO: Aaron first.


DEVLYN: Might want to lay off the rations. Theo, you’re next.


SARAH:  Where’s Kit?


RAVEN: I don’t see him.


SARAH: I’m not leaving him behind.


DEVLYN: The storm’s getting worse. We’re out of time. Get in.


RAVEN: Wait. Wait. I see him. Over there.


SARAH:  I’m going back for him.


[The WIND HOWLS louder as Sarah goes back for Kit]


SARAH: Kit. Give me your hand!


KIT: I can’t see.


RAVEN:  Devlyn, look. The airlock.


[CREAKING as the airlock door is blown about by the increasing wind]


DEVLYN: The doors, the storm is going to rip them right off their hinges.


RAVEN: They’ll fly straight into Kit and Sarah.


SARAH: Come on, just a little further.


RAVEN:  Sarah, you have to---


[Raven’s voice is drowned out by the HOWLING wind]


SARAH: What?


[Sarah can barely make out Raven’s voice]


RAVEN: You….Two….Come….Now.


RAVEN: She can’t hear me. I’m going out there.


DEVLYN: If you’re not back in five we’re leaving.


RAVEN: Don’t wait up.


RAVEN: Sarah. Where are you?


SARAH: Over here.


RAVEN: We have to move. Go!


SARAH:  What’s wrong?


[There’s a loud CREAK followed by the CRACK of the airlock door breaking from its hinges]


RAVEN: Watch out!


KIT: Sarah. Raven. I—


[BANG. There’s a THUD as the door CRASHES into Kit]


SARAH: Kit! No!


RAVEN: Come on. We have to get to the Rover before this storm kills all of us.


[A HISS as the Rover door opens and closes]


RAVEN: Let’s go.


THEO: Where’s Kit?


RAVEN: He’s gone. Devlyn, get us out of here.


DEVLYN: Pleasure.


[The Rover’s engine REVS up as it accelerates]


SARAH: You should’ve saved him. Not me.


RAVEN: I couldn’t lose you. I’m sorry.


DEVLYN: Save it for later. We’re not out of this yet, ladies.


SARAH: Where are we even headed?


DEVLYN: There’s a canyon only a mile or two away from here. Should provide us enough shelter until the storm pass—


AARON: Watch out!


[Tires SCREECH. METAL CLASHES. The ENGINE REVS even higher as the Rover CRACHES]


[Eerie music begins]


DEVLYN:  When we left earth, Man truly discovered his insignificance in the universe. No longer were we alone. Stepping out of our relatively small world we began to wonder. When the dust settles, what will be left of us? Can a man truly leave his mark on one planet…let alone, the universe?


[Eerie music fades out]



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